Holistic Body Rituals

Oriental treatment

An exhilarating treatment for the body , this feast for the senses will commence with an exfoliating ritual wich starts of applying authentic eukalptus black soap rich in vitamin E and clensing factors. After of leaving your skin absorb this magnificent product, the therapist wears the special glove calles kessha and gently rubs your skin removing all the dead cells and impurities of your tired skin. Followed by a full body relaxing massage with high quality argan oil with cinnamon and orange essenses.

time    1 h & 45 min

price     45 €


A sure-fire treatment to de-stress and awaken the senses, this Japanese-inspired body ritual incorporates traditions from the land of the rising sun, infused with a delicately scented homage to cherry blossoms. An enzymatic exfoliation and massage of the entire body will take place before shea butter is applied to suitably replenish and nourish the skin, just in time for winter.

Suitable for men and women. Ideal for gift!

time    1 h & min

price     70 €
gift man

Delicious chocolate therapy

ΈνThe deliciously named Chocolate Massage is an indulgent treatment for the body including body scrub and massage that is supremely indulgent and unforgettable also mask of pure bitter choclate applyed all over the body followed by a customized full body massage using warmed 100% pure cocoa butter. This ritual is guaranteed to leave skin feeling hydrated, re-mineralised and infused with a deliciously indulgent scent.

time    2 h

price     60 €

Sun Βurn Τreatment

A natural remedie to relieve pain and cure a bad sunburn such as aloe vera serum, milk protein cream and coconut are used as moisturisers. Really helpful for a sun damaged skin.

time    30 min

price     25 €