Back, neck, shoulders & hands massage

This stres-relieving massage, is suitable for those who have back and neck pains dye to bad posture and tiring professions. You can also select it if  you need a quick relaxing treatment..

time    35 min

price    19 €

Indian head massage 

An  ancient theurapeutic method originated from India. Seated in a comfy position, the therapist handles with specific movements all the muscles and tissues of this, most of the time, “forgotten” area. We love using in this treatment dry oils rich in vitamin E. This massage is very helpful in cases of insomnia.

* You can also add this massage in every face or body treatment you choose.

time    35 min

price    24 €

Peace for the senses

This treatment is a great journey to relaxation by giving your body the best relief. Especially aromatotherapeutic natural oils are used in this treatment to nourish your skin.

time    1 h & 5 min

price     37 €

4 hands massage

Two therapists work on your body absolytely synchronized. You can tell the diferrence between the classic massages right away from the first touch and you can feel like you are completely enveloped in this sensation. This massage is the most popular treatment of our spa!

time    1 h

price   45 €

Aromatic candle massage

Massage candle melts into a scented and nutritious massage oil. The warmth of the melted candle envelops you at the same delicately nourish your skin.

Suitable for women and men. An ideal gift!

time    1 h & 5 min

price     40 €

Cupping massage

Another Chinese treatment mostly known to the West the last years. It is the only massage that works on the contrary of the typical massage therapy. Instead of pressure the specific points on the body, cupping uses suction to tug the tissues and the muscles upwards.

time    1 h

price     50 €

Herbal pouch massage

The pouches are created of a rice-herbal mix, sinked in therapeutic essential oils. It deeply warms and relaxes the muscles and refreshing mind and body

time    45 min

price     45 €

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayerveda is an ancient lifestyle practice which aims to treat holistically the body systems. Tapping, stretching kneeding and squezing are some of the strokes you would expect. This massage is a part of Ayurvedic approach, balances the energy flow, gives you deep relaxation, improves circulation and so many other benefits.

time    1 h & 45 min

price     70 €